Direct Second Year Engineering Admission Procedure

Rules For Admission(As per the Government of Maharashtra Notification No.The rules modified by the Government from time to time shall be applicable.)

  • A candidate passing H. S. C. Examination (Standard XII) with Technical Subjects, Bifocal Course, M. C. V. C. of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education shall be eligible for direct admission to third semester for semester pattern courses or second year for yearly pattern courses of a Diploma course in Engineering and Technology, against the seats created solely for this purpose, subject to the conditions hereunder.
  • He has passed standard XII with minimum qualifying marks as notified by admission authority with and in vocational technical subjects.
  • A candidate passing I. T. I. Examination with minimum qualifying marks as notified by admission authority, after passing S. S. C. with & in English, Science & Mathematics subjects.
  • A candidate passing standard XII examination with M. C. V. C. with minimum qualifying marks as notified by Government from time to time.
  • All such eligible candidates will get admission to third semester for semester pattern courses or second year for yearly pattern courses in respective diploma courses only.
  • Any other condition/s that may be prescribed by the Government and may prevail at the time of these admissions.

Application and Documents:

No application other than that provided with this prospectus shall be considered and application will be considered unless it is accompanied by attested copies of the following documents:

  • a) General

    Certificate of Indian Nationality issued by a competent authority or by a Revenue Office not below the rank of Tahsildar.
    Certificate of passing of the qualifying examination and true copy of the statement of marks.
    Certificate of passing of H. S. C. or M. C. V. C. Examination with statement of marks necessary.
    School/Institute Leaving Certificate, in original, of the last Institute attended.
    Certificate of birth date, if birth date is not mentioned in school or institute leaving-certificate.
    Certificate of the passing Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination wherever applicable.
    Father’s / Mother’s domicile certificate if candidate has not appeared and passed S. S. C. Examination and Studied two preceding academic years from school located in Maharashtra State.

  • b) For candidates belonging to Backward Classes

    Certificate to support his claim as backward class candidate in specified form and from specified authority.
    Certificate issued by the competent authority stating that the candidates parents do not belong to creamy layer, as per relevant orders of the Government of Maharashtra

  • e) For candidate who are children of non-resident Indians originating from Maharashtra

    Certificate of passing the qualifying examination from an institution outside India.
    Domicile certificate in respect of the father/parent of the candidate.
    Certificate from the Indian Diplomatic Mission Chancellery or Commission abroad that father/parent of the candidate is of Indian origin from Maharashtra and at present residing in that country.

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